Special Rules

  1. Instead of a coin toss, the home team chooses it’s side of the field.
  2. Visiting team gets first kick-off

League Regulations

 League Format

The league plays 9 friendly matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting late June through the first week of August.  Each Team is also entered in the Michael Pitruzzello Cup which are played on Sundays with the winner advancing to play the following Sunday.

 *Each team is responsible for getting it’s own home field.

Forfeit Policy

Any team that forfeits a match is fined $100 payable to the other team. Two forfeits and your out of the league

 Rainout Policy

Should your match on Tuesday or Thursday be rained out, the match will be made up the following Monday unless both teams agree to make up the match at another time.

Should your match be canceled at the field due to field conditions/Rain/Lighting The home team will be accessed an $80 fee payable to CTVSSL to cover an added official.

 Cup Match Policy

Should your Sunday 10am cup match have lightning or heavy rain in the morning the match will be played the SAME DAY in the afternoon at a time the home team determines.

CTVSSL Regulations

Fees and Scheduling

  1. All games are played during the week that the home team can secure a field. We prefer to schedule them on Tuesday / Thursday have a 6pm start. Sunday
    games are TBD
  2. After submitting and paying registration a $590 referee
    fee should be made payable to “CT Valley Soccer League”. This covers officials for all nine friendly games during the regular season and all cup games for all teams excluding only the championship match. Championship match fee $100 per team. Should
    you wish to have a second team the registration fee is $425.

Forfeits, Cancellations and Rescheduling

  1. Home team provides the field. Directions to home fields
    should be updated on the website.
  2. Match forfeits result in a $100 fine which will be
    transferred to the opposing team.
  3. Two forfeits may result in league disqualification.
  4. In the event of heavy rain or lightening games should
    be called off by the by 4:30pm on the day of the game by the home team. It is
    the home team manager / coach’s responsibility to contact the opposing team and
    referees in the event of a cancellation.
  5. Team managers and coaches are responsible for scheduling
    make-up games and must notify the league director of any such changes. If a
    reschedule is not committed within 24 hours cancellation, then the make-update
    will be scheduled for the following Monday.
  6. Home coach has final decision on game cancellations.

Team Standards, Colors and Equipment

  1. All team players must have like-colored shirts or
  2. Teams will not use high school equipment (CIAC).
  3. Home coach will provide directions to the visiting team
    and ensure the direction posted on the website are correct. If the field is incorrect on the website, team managers or coaches will email the league administrator.
  4. CTVSSL ages incoming 9th graders through 12th
  5. Each team must have one parent or coach trained in first aid and provide their own first-aid kit.

Referee’s Discretion

  1. Slide tackling is not permitted and may result in a yellow card.
  2. Yellow card results in game suspension, a red card results in season suspension.
  3. Substitutions are unlimited on all out-of-bounds plays. They are also at the referee’s discretion on free kicks.