Leagues and Tournaments


Mike Pitruzzello Cup Tournament

Competitive / Boys

League Format

The league plays 10 Friendly matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting late June through the first week of August.  Each Team is also entered in the Michael Pitruzzello Cup which are played on Sundays with the winner advancing to play the following Sunday.

 Each team is responsible for getting it’s own home field.

Forfiet Policy

Any team that forfiets a match is fined $ 100 payable to the other team.two forfiets and your out of the league

 Rainout Policy

 Should your match on Tuesday or Thursday be rained out the match will be made up the following Monday unless both teams agree to make up the match at another time.

 Cup Match Policy

 Should your Sunday 10am cup match have lightning or heavy rain in the morning the match will be played the SAME DAY in the afternoon at a time the home team determines.





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